Crown & Bridge

At Pro-Esthetics, we offer the finest in Crown & Bridge restoration materials and fabrication techniques. You will always receive high quality, brilliant esthetics, and precisely crafted crowns and bridges. Pro-Esthetics is a fully digital dental lab that accepts all scanner files and also works with all major implant manufacturers.

  • Maximus® Full Contour
  • Maximus® HT (High Translucency)
  • IPS e.max®
  • PFM (Porcelain Fused to Metal)
  • FCC (Full Cast Crown)

Maximus Full Contour is a monolithic zirconia crown or bridge restoration with no porcelain overlay to chip or crack. Its beauty is in its strength. Make Maximus Full Contour Zirconia your first choice when durability is required and esthetic demands prevent the use of PFM or full cast restorations. Maximus Full Contour Zirconia is designed for posterior crowns and bridges, yet can also be prescribed for inlays and onlays when unbeatable durability is required.